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Port hacking king


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armed with the squid that i caught the day before, i fished land based in Port Hacking with the goal of catching a kingfish during sunrise. As soon as I started a berley trail of cubed pilchards, I saw a rat king come and enjoy some of the food floating in the water. I fished with squid strips on a float rig for half an hour then I had a good take. The fish easily pulled line despite there being 6kg of drag. after a minute of tug of war the kingfish started to tire out. Even though it was a rat, it still pulled hard, which I expected. After I netted it, I got a picture of it and released it. The bite eventually went quiet so I packed up. All in all, a pretty enjoyable and relaxing sesh.



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Good work getting the king they don't seem to be in the hacking in any numbers at the moment. 

I find it works well to use what I berley with for bait. Try the pilchard cube on a 2/0 or 3/0 single hook.

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