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Crab trap retrieval and Soldiers Point disaster


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Went out for a cruise out to jimmys beach on Tuesday ,dropped some crab pots in the Myall river on the way, NE winds were about 9 knots on the way out so there was a bit of a bump on the water which raised the missus eyebrows on several occasions but finally got there. Parked the boat on a sand bar and kids were having a ball until the wind picked up a few knots and chilled things down, then the ‘take us home call’ came out, take us straight home and go back and get the traps without us. 🤬Dropped off  4 of the crew at salamander wharf and started heading back for the traps but retreated after getting smashed about by the NE chop. Fished around the soldiers point marina for a while and managed 2 whiting at 31cm and heaps of 25’s which went back then headed to the ramp with plans to head out early the next morning to retrieve the crap pots.

Wednesday morning 7am arrived at soldiers point ramp which had a heavy smell of diesel in the air, while dropping the boat in I noticed a lot of diesel on the surface of the water stretching out at least 10 metres out from the water’s edge and was also out that far along the rock wall on the east side of the cove. I tried calling the local fire brigade at salamander but the number on the internet wasn’t getting connected, bugger it, rang 000 and got through to a very helpful fella in Sydney who said he would get the local fire brigade to check it out straight away, that sorted we headed out to grab the crab pots as the wind forecast was not good again. Got to pots in no time, 1 pot missing and only 1 crab out of 4 pots. Headed back to the ramp to find 2 fire trucks at the ramp and they had long fuel soakers along both areas before mentioned. We putted up to the marina to get some breakfast and the smell of diesel was in the air all the way there. While waiting for our order I noticed diesel all along the southern side of the marina where the fuel bowsers are and also inside the marina between the 2 cafes, lucky it was a SW wind and it was naturally containing the spill into the ramp cove. The spill response unit had now turned up along with waterways and every other emergency services you can think of, place was lit up like a Christmas tree. The double lane ramp now closed , managed to get the boat out straight away before the other ramp was to be closed. I mentioned to one of the spill response guys that there was a heap of diesel in and around the marina and he said it appears the marina fuel bowser had sprung a leak and the boys were up there dropping more soakers in. Looks like the marina is in deep 💩 again if that’s proven to be correct. I have searched the internet to find out what has happened but can’t find a single thing about it, wondering if you guy’s have heard anything. Killed me watching all the bait fish gulping diesel at the ramp, bloody disaster and I’m sure someone will pay.


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4 hours ago, Burger said:

Good ya for the 000 call Silleck 👍

Thanks mate, thought it was the right thing to do 


2 hours ago, Scratchie said:

I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m sure something like that during tourist season would be hush hush 🤫 

cheers scratchie!!! 

I’m surprised you didn’t hear anything, sure has been swept under the carpet, dare say something will come of it

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