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Well, after many months, my mate John and I finally locked in a session off the rocks on the coast, just to the north of Coalcliffe.
Arrived there at 6am and the swell was just about perfect, but as in all conditions when fishing from the rocks, there is a need to be extra vigilant.  Cleats on our shoes and lifejackets are a must as you never know what can happen.  Only a few months ago, John snagged his heel on a small rock and fell on his backside as the swell washed over the ledge and knocked him onto his back. The swell wasn’t at all dangerous but the sheer weight of water is very powerful.  He was lucky that I was beside him and grabbed his arm and rod before the backwash dragged him over the edge.  Simple things can bring you undone on the stones.   John was already rigged so he made his way down to the ledge and cast in before I had even put my rod together. Bang! He was on. Into his keeper net went the blackfish and he was onto his second by the time I got to the water's edge.  We were like kids in a lolly shop. The luderick and drummer were voracious, hitting the bait as it was being wound in to place it in a "hot" spot. Truth be told, they were everywhere and it was just imagination that told me one spot was better than the other.

There were two other guys there, having arrived just minutes before us and every cast was a fish. We all had our bag limit just shy of 2 hours, having also dropped a few and getting busted and dusted by good sized pigs.  
Steve, one of the other two, managed to land 3 very good sized pigs while John and I certainly hooked into a few and had the opportunity to re-rig on many occasions.

I was using my Pacific Composites blackfish rod, Avon centrepin reel, 12lb floating line and 8lb fluorocarbon leader. We both love the direct contact which the reels give us, using a hand as the drag mechanism and also the small degree of skill which must be learnt to effectively cast with a free running reel.
Best mornings fishing we have had in a couple of years. The water was glorious. The swell was perfect. The weather was too hot on the hike back to the car. Have to do it again soon.




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