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New and keen

Ali cat

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Got my cleats , life vest and I’m keen . 
South Aussie living in Coogee . I have my Samaki Zing xtreme coupled with the trusty abu 7000 . 
Wanna start fishing the ledges around the place . Jullianes and I saw some dudes catching salmon off mckenzies . 
Saftey is always first . 
im pumped 

hit me with thoughts people. 


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1 hour ago, Ali cat said:

 hit me with thoughts people. 

Have a look through the forum search tab for some info on Sydney locations if that's what your asking??

Other than that as you say safety 1st, if the swell/conditions are not right then go home or to the pub.

To many people lose their life for a fish off the stones!

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Hi and welcome to fishraider. 

Have you checked our section on Safe Rock fishing. It is a dangerous type of fishing to do. We have several experienced rock fishermen who will give you information if you are a beginner. Check out the posts in the forum link below. I have also added the post link above on Julianne's Rock and land based map.



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