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Sans Souci Drift


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Took the nephew out this morning and rode the tide out along sans souci past the old sailing club. Ran some soft plastics on sinkers to let then skip.

Caught some small snapper and flatties, then the lad pulled in a nice 62cm flattie on a cheap, 3inch pumpkin minnow.

A little while later, he landed a nice leather jacket (released) on the same set up! Beautiful fish, I thought it was a lump of coral at first. How it took that hook I'll never know.

I tried some prawns and got a baby whiting and small flattie, but the wind got up and we packed it in.

The cheap pumpkin minnows were the hit of the day! Go figure!!!


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14 hours ago, jimg1au said:

How do you rig up soft plastics to drift with I would like to try that


I had a light jig head and let the plastic skip along the bottom, popping it up every now and then.

The young bloke had a sinker, swivel setup, pretty standard issue, with the plastic wobbling around behind it.

Not too much science, they must have just liked the pumpkin wrigglers 

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