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Quick fish at Abbotsford


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Had time for a quick fish on the first half of the run out tide over the weekend. Went for a little wade out over the flats in my local haunts. Ended up catching 5 legal sized flathead in 90 mins.


I picked up some samaki vibelicious 70mm a little while ago after a recommendation on one of doclures podcasts for flathead. Realised the other day I was yet to bust them out of the packet so thought I'd give them a go.


Oh boy did they work well. Just did small hops with decent 5 or so second pauses here and there.


No monsters but had some fun in the sun for a little bit. Definitely a convert to the vibelicous range... jackall squirrels going to be put up on the shelf for a little while me thinks!!



All fish safely released.


Gear used:
Daiwa TD Zero rod 7'3 2-5kg
Shimano Stradic ci4+ 2500 series
8lb braid / 8lb FC leader

Samaki Vibelicious 70mm in Mullet


Thanks for viewing. Tight lines.


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On 2/25/2020 at 4:30 PM, Berrero said:

No monsters but had some fun in the sun for a little bit!

Nice work Chris :biggrinthumb:

I have a tackle box of gear like vibes & various other stuff I never use, have to get them out more often.

On 2/25/2020 at 8:35 PM, Yowie said:

Good work. Are the fish edible up there?

According to the DPI you shouldn't eat any fish caught west of the harbour bridge!

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1 hour ago, motiondave said:

you are not going to die eating one fish, but certainly in limited quantities you are ok. Ive eaten maybe 3 bream caught at abbostford over the last year, Im still ok :D



Fishing in Sydney Harbour

Previous test results have revealed elevated levels of dioxins in fish and crustaceans across Sydney Harbour, including Parramatta River and other connected tidal waterways. A ban was consequently placed on commercial fishing in 2006 as a precautionary measure.

Recreational fishing in the Harbour has not been banned, but fishers are urged to follow dietary advice on the consumption of seafood from the Sydney Harbour, Parramatta River and other connected tidal waterways. Fishers can also continue to practise catch and release. Based on advice from an expert panel, the Government is recommending that:

  • No fish or crustaceans caught west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge should be eaten. You should release your catch.
  • For fish caught east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge generally no more than 150 grams per month should be consumed.
  • Testing of popular species has allowed for more accurate dietary advice.

The table below provides advice on the maximum consumption of single species:


When a government body conducts scientific studies & gives out specific information I would tend to listen to it.

But as individuals we make our own decisions & face consequences with that knowledge in hand.

Each to their own 🤐



Mind you I don't think people are to concerned, not even one reply from this thread I started last year 🙄 

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