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Redclaw Heaven - Lake Somerset QLD

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Swordie and I are travelling around in our caravan. We have a small tinny this time and thought we would try some dams along the way. 

Our plan was to move up the coast to Cairns including 1770, Hervey Bay, Yeppoon, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Mission Beach, Cairns, Karumba and over to King Ash Bay and Cahills Crossing. 

We are watching day by day and areas are locking down due to the global bio battle we all face. We may have to turn back at any stage and well aware of the social responsibilities all citizens have to each other. We are fully self contained and do not need to use camp kitchens or amenities blocks. 


Redclaw (Cherax quadricarinatus) is a freshwater crayfish native to parts of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

We went along this morning to where we dropped the opera house nets loaded with rockmelon. There really is a little bit of excitement as you pull the trap out of the water in anticipation of the catch. 

We left 3 traps and caught 21 redclaw. Not bad for our first try. We left the traps out tonight again to be checked in the morning.

They were boiled up and cooled. We had them for lunch. Absolutely delicious and we can see why people rave about them. 

Looking forward to some suggestions from our raider Fish Chefs on how to eat this tasty morsel. Beer batter and sweet chilli sauce was suggested. 
Here are some pics👍











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Looks like the swordy's are having a cracker of a time.

Love the social distancing image.

I know I can zhuzh my dishes up probably to much some times but sometimes you have to just use the KISS method.

Nothing better than some fresh prawns, crisp shredded iceberg lettuce, some tangy home made cocktail sauce on a nice soft milk bun with lots of butter 😊

So no I wouldn't be doing to much different than you have done with the yabbies.

If I was at work then that's a different story.

The only thing I would add is a nice frosty cold beer or a glass of Riesling 😁




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