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Woke up this morning, and stood on my driveway at 6am with the missus. She knitted a couple of dozen Gallipoli poppies and attached them to the front fence, along with the Aussie flag and a candle. Quite a few neighbours were also standing in driveways along the road.

I was thinking to myself - "self, you should go fishing" - so I did. A late start for me putting the boat in after sun-up. A lot of boats on the water, even jet skis zooming around out past the bombie. I headed towards the Kurnell lighthouse.

Just a slow drift over 2 hours caught me my 10 flatties. Not as big as during the week, with some not much past legal. A few throwbacks as well, and an over abundance of spikies, though used a couple as bait. Number 10 flattie took quite a while to hook up, then I pulled up a double header, so the larger one stayed on the boat, and the smaller one swam away.

While I was enjoying the drift, a small mako swam beside the boat for a short time, probably closer to 3 foot than 4 foot long. I threw over some bait, but he swam off without feeding. I had a pillie drifting out from the boat, but he was not interested in it.

A little while later, there was a big splash just out from the boat around the pillie. I looked up waiting for a run on the rod, then saw a white bird swimming near the pillie. A bloody gannet. It chewed off half the pillie, but fortunately did not hook up. 2 more dumb arsed gannets dived at the pillie but I wound in to prevent them hooking up.

I was heading out during next week, but it appears as though the wind will be picking up next week, so I thought I may as well head out today with the good weather.

While I was out there, over the radio I heard a few fishos talking about yellowfin around their boats, but they were using code to relay info to each other.



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