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Painted Heads


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Hi everyone, Hope your all well ??  
Fished thursday and friday this week.  Did well with 3  Bream on Soldier crabs in an eddy, Dirty water run out tide . 1 Tailor and 6 flathead. Plus a few undersize fish.On lures .
Painted Jig Heads. A while ago there was a push to use coloured jig heads. Did anyone paint theirs and was it worth it ? A bit of red on the underside could look like the flared gills of an injured fish.
Im thinking I have the nail polish and 3 grandkids. A bit of craft ??       Howard .
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Op shop score for my granddaughter . But not responsible enough. So there mine now !!!!! You can only see the top shelf rails, there are 2 more lower down.  Certainly kept them busy and I now have the most colourful Tackle box !!!!!   Howard.

PS they want me to find more for them !!!!!!!! 

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