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Wild Weasel.


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With Autumn upon us , I am looking for some great fishing in the deeper water for schooling bream, Jewfish, and big Flathead. Out comes the Wild weasel. 2 to 6 kg.  2 to 14 gram.  I run 10 lb braid with a 12 lb leader.  Lure wise , Samaki Vibelicious 10 gram. ( they now have a 14g Im yet to try ) in Whitebait !! Probably the only lure I need !!.   But for a change I use the zman Minnowz 3" and 3"grub in motor oil. 1/4 jighead, ( Painted Deep Purple  Ha Ha )  Trolling A Bomber 24a Gold orange or Brown orange if you can find them. These dive to 4 to 5 meters( i know because they hit the bottom !! ) and catch a lot of Flathead and Jew .  

The weasel is my perfect winter rod. Stiff enough to work the 10 gram vibes. But yesterday I was casting a 3.5 gram Metal vibe with it working a shoreline. No problem at all. This is a great all round rod !!! Love it !!  Go find some fish. Howard !!!

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