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Lachlan N

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I don't have an issue with using clips on hardbodies and metals on salmon or tailor or kings for that matter.

I don't like to use them on plastics as it is a bit of extra junk on the lure.

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Fishing from the beach, tailor and salmon generally aren't fussy and will hit anything that moves, so I can't see a clip making ayn difference.

I actually put a swivel on mine, purely for something to tie my leader to that doesn't have the sharp ends like a split ring does.

Although I've never fished the place I believe salmon can particularly fussy in Sydney Harbour at times and perhaps a loop knot be advisable there.


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It depends on how you are fishing & what lures you are using.

I know you have mentioned salmon & taylor which they would be fine for lures that the guys above have mentioned for example I was using say a bibbed lure then the clip would restrict the motion of the lure.

In those cases I then go to a perfection or Rapala loop knot.

This is an example on hot to tie it



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The ones swordie and I use are called Norman Speed Clips. No they don't turn off the fish

They can be changed easily and also have other advantages - gives the lure a different pivot point

Easy for me :)

Here is a little video and there are lots to view on YouTube 


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I use clips all the time on lures. you can buy the ones with swivels, they come in different sizes. So much easier than tying knots. Also use some scent on your lures it also helps.


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With clips you also have to be aware of breaking stains, depending on what your catching & the size of clip your using it could very well be the weak point between the line & the lure!

I do use clips, from time to time, mainly for squiding & deepsea fishing.


I like the look of those Norman clips, but wouldn't use them for a one size fits all kind of fishing.

Definitely wouldn't use them for SP fishing.





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