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kingie chaser

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Im still not working due to nsw gov restrictions so I am going bush, been locked up in my 1bdr apartment basically since the 16th March :biggrinthumb:

Cant wait to roam around some paddocks, chase a few foxes & rabbits, step in some cow poo & also go check on some property owners I know that were hit hard by the fires in January.

Might even be able to help out with some fencing or something else?

Whatever it is its better that sitting here waiting for work to reopen!!



@Scratchie, might even pop up to the bay for a few days as well & take advantage :biggrinthumb:


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4 hours ago, Scratchie said:

No worries at all Adrian. Just don’t bring any crap weather with you! 🤣🤣

MMmmmm, not sure what's being implied here :1badmood:

Twice in a row I think I will have to take it on the chin & claim the jinx banner 😅 

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