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Reactivating love of Ludderick in the harbour


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Went out for a day on the Kingies, with “The Rev” but put the blackfish gear and some nice fresh cabbage in just in case. As it was the Kingies were slow and only a handful of cuttlefish, so we tried a few spots for the Lud’s and had a great time. Not a lot of fish, but great getting some practice in.



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A couple of nice Blackfish there Bob (and the Rev). Always good to anticipate the need for a plan B, even better when it pays off. I love chasing Blackfish and hope to have a go in the not too distant future. Cheers, bn

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Nice one. There a certainly a few moving around the lower harbour.

I have a regular Wednesday gig at 'The Palace' just above your left shoulder. Last few weeks the water was so clear I would just watch them moving over the sand and reef, made it hard to concentrate on my work.

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