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Ikejime tool


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For smaller fish i use a cheap braddall that i got from bunnings it rusts but so what, for bigger fish i belt them with an axe handle,-i do use wire-some multistrand on small fish and am yet to come up with a safistactory solution for bigger fish. Wiring seems to work well.

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You can buy the tools on the Net, different sizes. I have a short one with a handle also use a long skewer, works ok. Last resort is a sharp knife as Jamo said.


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Not something I would buy myself as its something that is easily made from something like an old screwdriver ground down to a point, but I just use a knife as well.

In saying that there are cheapish options out there like the surecatch verson which is under $20


I also have a wooden club as well now for if I get something large into the tinny that wont easily calm down :bash:


Imo its more important to know where the brain spiking points are in the different fish.


I have never used wire but seen it done by japonese people on youtube, seems tome like it wouldnt be an easy thing to do in a rocking boat?

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I use a Yamashita squid spike. Used it twice on squid when I started chasing them in earnest and it made a mess. Easier to just karate chop them. Repurposed it as a very handy ikejime spike! Safer than a knife on a writhing fish. 

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