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Lake Jindabyne water level

sam bros

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Hey raiders ,

Im heading to the snow in a couple days, and I was thinking of hiring a boat for a day or towing the boat down to do some trout fishing.

However the boat hire places all said the water level is too low and they are not hiring boats.

Just wondering if anyone has gone to Lake Jindabyne for a fish over this winter and if its worth bringing the boat down with us.

Any help would be appreciated 


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I've seen a couple of reports of people catching trout over the last few days trolling lures around the lake so there must be enough water to still launch boats. Just maybe the water level is lower than the hire place works from. so take your own boat and get into em.

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At the moment the water level is above 50% & rising (snow melt)  when I’m down there usually before the June long weekend the water is hovering around 60%+ or - & never had trouble launching at the ramp next to the caravan park at the Thredbo turn-off
flat lining & deep diver lures working the bays & points & wind lanes out in no mans land usually does the trick plus local knowledge re where the fish might be

Good luck hope to see a report 

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On 9/3/2020 at 4:06 PM, Jaymanner said:


Is land based shore fishing accessible and worthwhile around Jindabyne?


From town centre near the “man from snowy river” statue, around the clay pits, east Jyndabine, also the road heading past the gadden hatchery plenty of bays & points to explore, even around the mouth of the rivers. Might be worthwhile having a few tassies as well

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39 minutes ago, Jaymanner said:


I had a flick with my son at dusk outside the hotel but got no action or fish. Used xrap lures.

So we ended up at the trout farm and got a few for a chew.

Imo like any fishing you should be prepared to mix up your methods & lures, which ones you use would also depend on the time of day.

I would use surface lures for dawn & sunset, sinking/suspended lures for day time

if your shore fishing for trout you need to also be prepared to cover a bit of territory as well trying to sight fish but also blind casting as well.

Did you go to Gaden?

There are some monsters in those ponds!

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