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What lies beneath...

big Neil

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Over the past month the Murrumbidgee has had some serious water sent down as the irrigation season commences. The water levels now are good, however it's closed season for Murray Cod and the water is really discoloured anyway. Water temp is still only about 10c.

It has been interesting studying the layout of the snags (that are now totally submerged) while we had the drought on. No wonder there are plenty of Cod knocking around when you see their "real estate". Here's a few pictures to whet the appetite of any would be Cod angler.  Cheers, bn


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Neil. That's the beauty of the occasional very low water situation, If you are fortunate enough to see the river at it's lowest you then know what's under the water when water levels return to normal. Hope you have a good memory of what snag lives where.


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