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Any secrets to know about for crabbing?


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So since they say to go for crabs in months that contain the letter 'R' i went out and bought a few crab traps.


Threw them out at towra point on sat but nothing, so was wondering if there were any secrets.


I threw the traps on a sand patch between the weeds, had half a slimey (frozen not fresh) and was in about 1.5m depth.


Is it just a you win someose some day with crabs or are there any secrets. everyone says mullet for bait, and throw where weeds are. Is water depth a factor to comsider?


Also day was abit of a waste ...caught 2 pinkies, a 34cm flattie (all went back) and the same port jackson shark twice at mollie point. 


Highlight of day was driving boat straight onto the trailer first go and looking like a pro yay!!

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Do you have proper traps or nets? two different operations. Nets are baited and left for about 10-15min then checked, set them a good distance apart to "find" the crabs. Traps are best set late in the afternoon and pulled early ( very early) the next day, (to prevent theft) it's still pretty early for crabs, they don't know about months with an R......

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