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Mobile phone holder


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Have a look at the LifeActive Quickmount Bike and Bar Mount by LifeProof. I use one on the grab rail of my side console. It comes with a little magnetic thing that sticks to the back of your case. This locks in securely to the holder and is quickly released with a flick of the lever and a twist. The same fitting fits the suction cup window clamp and a belt clamp, among others.



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Look into Quadlock or Spigens Gearlock. Quadlock has more optional accessories if you choose to just put it on other places besides the boat.

These where more marketed towards bike riders but you can use in many other applications, which is where I have. Just use your imagination.

You have the option of getting one of their cases to fit your phone make or you can just get the stick on part of the lock for your own personal phone case. But my opinion would be to get theirs, if you have the option for your phone, as it'll be far more secure over a stick on.

Direct makers site links as follows:



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