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South Coast NSW Mullet Mania


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Hey Raiders,

On the weekend I had one of the funniest fishing trips I've ever had.

I went with a few people down the coast, visited an estuary I've fished my entire life. It rarely opens to the ocean but when it does the mullet/bream/tailor fishing for the next few years is usually pretty good.

We wanted a few live mullet to throw off the beach that evening so down we went with our mullet setups; bread for burley, light gear, little floats and hooks with tiny bits of squid tentacle for bait.

A little bit of bread burley and within a couple minutes we had a feeding frenzy. Literally a frenzy, I've never seen mullet so fired up. A full piece of bread would be devoured in seconds.

Catching them on the floats wasnt much of a challenge so out came the poppers and man was that fun. The competition for the poppers was so strong the mullet were doing aerials, climbing over each other to chase the poppers, grabbing the lure and tail walking like mini marlin.

After a couple hours the mullet slowed down and we went back to floats (we ran out of bread burley), we'd nearly had enough and were going to head to the beach when bang, 3 fellas hooked up at once. These ones were fighting harder than your average mullet, the triple hookup ended up being 3 stud bream. One of which caught on a nuclear chicken soft plastic grub that had been cast out and left on the bottom without being worked at all, the other to on little bits of squid under a float.

The livies caught salmon and tailor off the beach that afternoon but I must admit the mullet fishing was my favourite part of the day.



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Great little scrappers the humble mullet and pretty tasty if you can get them big enough and from clean water.

Sounds like you had a great session.

When I lived a little further up the coast, I had a spot where I could berley them into a frenzy just like you described, then I'd hit them up with the fly rod.

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Unusual for mullet to jump on lures. I have had it only happen once and I think the only reason they did was due to such high numbers. When schooled up the competition increases and their strive for food causes them to try and grab anything that moves. 

Great catch on a popper though and your description of the takes sound amazing, great report!

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