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fiberglass panel - were to buy


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Hey Raiders, 

Does anyone know where I could buy fiberglass panel in various thicknesses ?

Say 1200x600x10mm, but anything between 5-8mm would do? 

Cheers Zoran

PS - I'm Sydney based, and don't mind jumping in the car for boating reasons !

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On 1/18/2021 at 3:44 PM, Rebel said:

@zmk1962   Handcraft fibreglass  Seven hIlls  Phone  96743586.


Thanks Rebel. I gave them a call but they make everything custom - so a 1500x600x10mm panel came out at $700 which is a bit rich for my project. 

I’ll keep searching. 
cheers Zoran 

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Zoran. What is your project ?. why not just get a sheet of 8mm ply and glass it over /. I have mat here but no glass, you would have to buy the resin but you can have the glass sheet if you want to go down this street.


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I have some left over glass mat you can have as well. If you want a good smooth finish you need to make a template formwork and you have to line it with gelcoat first, you will end up with one perfect side and a rough side.

Have you thought of using 10mm marine alloy? Contact Capral, they will sell you the size you want.

To give you some indication of price, I bought a piece 1200x400x12mm (5083, marine grade) for $152.00

If you want to go ally let me know as I have a contact at Capral.

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20 hours ago, noelm said:

It's pretty easy to make it yourself, depending on the finish you want determines how you do it.

Thanks Noel, yup easy enough to make but I was trying to accelerate my projects by having something I could cut to size and fit rather than manufacture from scratch.

23 hours ago, frankS said:

 What is your project ?

I have several things on the back burner, theres figuring out the leccy mount base, then at some stage I am going to have to replace the vinyl covered side panels in the cockpit as the backing plywood is deteriorating and I am also considering reworking the seat and back rest. Ready made fg panels would accelerate these projects.


As an example, 5mm fg sheet is flexible. For the side panels I was considering laminating two 5mm sheets back to back (that gives me a 10mm thick panel with two nice faces) then edging the top with 10mm PVC moulding. It would be rot proof and durable and a quick job - basically cut to shape, smooth, laminate, fit and edge. I was also planning to rework the side panel shape to a simple long panel along the deck,  removing that cutout, and opening up the access to the gaff, boat hook etc.

Anyway, seems like there are no retailers so I might as well bite the bullet and experiment with glassing some 8mm ply. 

Frank @frankS and Jerry @wrxhoon1 if you no longer require the fg mat I'll graciously accept it.  Just PM me as to when/where to pick it up.

Also Jerry thanks so much for the heads up on the ally plate that's a good price and I'll keep that in mind, I previously bought from Ulrich but they insist on you taking a full 2400x1200 sheet, Capral sounds much better.

Cheers Zoran

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Zoran. The glass mat is very thick so you can split it in half so it's easier to resin over and penitrate, as is it takes special tools to get the resin to soak through.

I have probably about 8 metres (maybe more ) so that would give you 16 metres of workable glass mat.

You can have as much or as little as you think you will need.



Will PM address if you want to come and pick it up. I have been tested negative and will wear mask. Home most of days.


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Thanks so much Frank ... It's hard to judge the thickness from the picture but once I see it I'll be able to judge what I need for my project(s).  

Yes, I'm negative and have no symptoms and face masks are a necessity for sure these days.

Cheers ... Z 

PS - looking forward to the PM.

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