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Raising up my boat seat


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Hey guys,

recently purchased a boat seat for my centre console and it’s rather short for the boat. See photo down the bottom for a better idea. It’s 700mm high and I’m nearly about 300m more raise out of it and not sure about the best way to raise it up. So far my option is to take it to a metal fabricator to get an extension put on the bottom or a bracket for it to sit in that mounted to the floor. Any suggestions welcome. 



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Hope you have long legs if your going to end up with it a meter high.

Lots of options if you're handy with diy.Ply as mentioned or make up an ally frame pop riveted together is the easiest without welding.

 You can add sides,back and a door for storage or make a box out of fibreglass.

 It all depends on your skills and what you want to spend really.Nice seat.

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