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Getting boat ready for overnight trips


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Hi all

Have stayed on the boat a few times but have decided it is time to set it up properly for overnight stays.  Have acquired a portable gas stove, chemical toilet, swag each and some solar panels so I can run a fridge.

Is there anything I need to be careful with when wiring up the solar controller.  Was going to put from the panels to the solar controller to the batteries.  Is there anything I need to be careful of when wiring to the battery, ie can I do any damage to the alternator in the motor.  Would not thought so, but just checking.

Also, would you recommend stainless screws or aluminium rivets for fixing the panels to the roof?  Aluminium has the benefit of similar metal, however think stainless screws with insulating washers, loctite for insulation and nyloc nuts would be stronger.

Anything else I should be thinking about for setting the boat up for overnighters.

Sort of places thinking for an overnighter is Crowdy Boat Harbour, Broughton, Solitary Islands, Fitzroy Reef etc (I don't mind driving long distances!).



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I assume you have dual batteries and means to switch between them?

I often fish nights for jewies and switch to auxiliary battery to run lights and pumps etc leaving main battery for starting.   With all lights including deck flood light being leds the auxiliary will still start motor but best to be prepared.  Ron 

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One “must have” is a lithium battery jump starter. I have used this myself on my boat, but used it multiple times jump starting stranded fishos. It also can charge, phones, cameras, gopros etc and for as little as $150 for 3000 ampH, is cheap insurance. I have one in each vehicle and the boat and can be charged in a cig lighter socket or 240 v at home.

Stainless screws are fine, - I’d be using nylon washers and “Duralac” as well just to be sure, (an alternative is silasec marine sealant). Don’t forget a pillow and phone battery charger (assume you’ve got cig plugs in the boat)

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Ron & Scratchie- definitely dual batteries.  Plan was to leave both connected during the day to get charge from to motor and then once anchored for the night, switch to one only 

Scratchie - good point on auto bilge.  The current one is manual only.  Lowrance HDS units have an anchor alarm, but didn’t want to draw that much power all night so was just going to use an app on my phone.  Have done this before and went off in the middle of the night and was just swinging on the anchor.

Pickles - thanks for the idea and might have look into a jump starter pack.

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