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Port Stephens Jew Fish 20/2/21


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G’Day everyone. 

Headed out last night just before sundown and grabbed some livies from around the anchorage at Corlette and made our way to the wreck. 

put our live baits down and caught some squid. After a couple of hours we rigged up the live squid and sent em down. 

caught 1 undersized Jew (released to fight another day) Hoping for a bigger model but it didn’t come. But glad we are on the right track. Had a few more runs but no takers. 

caught a few shovel nose and a Ray, but assuming our baits were set to low! Easy fix for next time. 

definitly have the bug now. Thanks for reading


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Awesome rummers! That’s a great spot for them especially around 2hrs to low and low! That’s when I target them there. My son has the bug too with his new little tinny. Haven’t really chased them in ages, might have to give it a go! Thanks for the report 🤙

cheers scratchie!!! 

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