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Very mixed bag


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Thursdays weather forecast was looking good so arranged for an old mate to get together and head out for a fish. The day started badly when I was moving the boat into position to hook it onto the car and ricked my back....Still a visit to the osteopath this morning has it feeling a lot better. As said mate was already on his way down it was too late to cancel the trip so despite a really sore back off we went.

On the water just before 5.00am and headed to the bait grounds for the required live bait. In went my home made burley bomb and within a couple of minutes on came the first Yakka. Then it went really quiet, getting one every now and then until dawn broke, then it was fish after fish... Anyone else experienced this, very little interest until there is some light? 
While I was catching Yakkas my mate was throwing around a squid jig, Only managed the one squid but did get a decent number of Yakkas so by 7.00 we were heading to the Wave Rider. The other thing around the boat while catching Yakkas was a heap of Gar Fish swimming with the Yakkas and some diamond shaped grey fish also grabbed the jig. Then we saw a couple of Kings swimming around and saw one take a Yakka out of the school.

When we got there there was already 1 boat fishing, we got a couple of Yakkas down on weighted troll lines and started cruising around at 2 knots. Not too long later we got our first hook up, a nice Mahi Mahi that went just over legal size, it was around 63cm, so onto ice it went. The next hit I picked up the rod and no weight. When I reeled in the livie it was headless, with the body just hanging off the other hook, we troll with a snooded  rig, one hook through the nose and another near the tail just hooked under the skin. I could not believe now something had bitten off the head and not got snagged by the 8/0 hook through it's nose... Bloody clever fish out there.

Over the next couple of hours we trolled all over the place, close to the buoy, out up to 200m away from the buoy before turning back. On one run we got a solid hit that hooked up and after a short fight landed a King Fish around 60cm, under legal so back that went, we had a couple of hits that just pinched the livie off the hooks and hooked one other Rat Kingie. Even the undersized Rats go hard so it was all good fun.
One thing I noticed was that Fishraider Pickles was out that day and every time we tried to talk on the phone I got a hit. Next time I go fishing I will put in a request that he calls me every 15 minutes to bring me luck... Thanks Bob 🙂

After the Wave Rider we decided to head across to Foul Grounds and try a drift with cut baits. This is where the title of this post comes from, A Very Mixed bag. First off was a Morwong, then a Snapper, a Sargent Baker, a big Puffer fish, a Naniguy, a Bonito and a couple of Flathead, one going 60cm. So when you put those with the 3 species from the bait grounds and the fish on the troll that comes to a total of 12 difference fish species caught in a day.    

At around 1.30 we decided to call it a day and head back in, not a lot on ice but a nice Dollie and a couple of decent Flathead made for a nice fish dinner, 🙂



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Hey Gordo’, great report. I thought you just didn’t  want to talk to me and made the excuse “Fish on - go to go” 😆 

Great to talk on the water mate (got to get my radio sorted)- we ended up landing 3 Kingies and got smoked twice - had “Dave” (not a raider yet, but said he was going to sign up) with me and he was buckled over on one that smoked him.

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