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what is the best paint for an exterior door,


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hello raiders , one of the garage sheds  has a hollow door  that is more like an interior door , because every time it rains  water gets on it it  is in need of repair ,  i have  sanded it and  used 3 coats of water based  sealer primer undercoat , i know  that no matter what type of paint  it will eventually need to be replaced  but for now what is the best type of top coat paint  that i can use on it , thank you for your advice and time .



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Ran a swim school for many tears with huge amounts of humidity etc- sealed the doors on the bottom with solvent based enamel and painted the surfaces with aquanamel- if i didnt seal the bottoms they rotted from bottom up.

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1 hour ago, PaddyT said:

phone the landlord -ask him to buy you a new door and the paint-you provide the labour-most landlords (even the real a-holes) are open to that sort of deal.

yes..... been here  for 2 and a half years , never had any repairs done , but ! he does not raise the rent , does not  hassle/bothers us at all ,  we look after the place and  do minor  repairs our self , for now i will patch the door  and look for a replacement  from council clean ups ,  thanks for your reply .

1 hour ago, Welster said:

Modern doors even well painted external doors are a short term proposition exposed to the weather.   You can get fiberglass ones now i havent used one though. 

thank you for your reply,


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12 hours ago, noelm said:

Measure the door, go to the dump recycling place and buy a door the right size, cost $15 or so, job done.

i will  repair this one and look for  one during council clean  ups or freebie , thanks for the tip

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