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Broughton island Mac tuna

Peter Nelson

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Hi all

havnt put a report in for a while due to average catches but thought I’d do a quick one and might get some answers to a question.

Hit Broughton nice and early after quickly loading up on some livies trying to get there by first light, got there on time even though there was a fair bit of slop left over from the overnight n/e winds.

I normally don’t fish weekends but was  motivated by Scratchie’s report of mackerel in the area.

happy to  be the only boat in the area the first livey was set only to be smashed 30 seconds later, Big Mac tuna came in.

Every drift , every livey was smashed resulting in more tuna, 3 snapper, heaps of rat kings.

got smoked 3 times by what we think were good kings as they stayed deeper then the tuna and leaders were scuffed up by the reef. Managed to destroy one reel due to heavy drag and getting spooled. Bummer 

struggled to get any more snapper  due to the kings hitting every bait or plastic .

Ended up Keeping 3 Big Mac tuna due to them getting gut hooked and I was fishing with wire in case a Spanish turn up.

I really enjoy my smoked fish and beef jerky and the question I have has anyone smoked one before or made fish jerky?, I only thought of jerky as its flesh is very red, meaty so thought it could be an option. Ill be keeping some for bait as well or maybe all of it.

Sorry for the lack of photos as it was hectic out there and didn’t get around to it, and normally don’t photo what I consider a bait fish.





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23 minutes ago, quintrex52 said:

Would be interesting to see how others prepare them, caught a bucket load yesterday in Sydney kept a few but no idea what the best way to cook em up. 

Always a good sesh when the action is to hot for pics 👌

Yeah mate every time I tried to re rig or organise boat a bit another rod would scream off, had some breakfast packed and didn’t even get to eat it until the trip back.

maybe I should set up a go pro or something 

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4 hours ago, Ledge said:

I’ve made jerky from Mac Tuna before. I thought it was pretty good... but quite ‘fishy’ so the rest of the family were turned off by the smell!

Thanks mate.

ive frozen it all up for bait now but if I get one I keep next time I might try some👍

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