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Strange Day in Pittwater


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After having a terrible rainy week, mate and I decided to hire a boat and fish in Pittwater yesterday. Murky water was surely expected, but it turned out to be more like muddy water and a lot of debris floating everywhere... I have never seen Pittwater in this condition.

Started fishing at 7:30am around the red pole. For the next 5 hours, absolutely nothing happened, not even a tap! Kind of knew minimum activity, but not to this extent... Baits are untouched for 5 hours!! Couldn't believe it.

Around 12:30pm, decided to change the location. Water looked even muddier and more debris there, but gave a go. In ten minutes, we started to get tapping on our rods and started to catch yakkas and tailors there which was a good sign. Then, my mate caught a keeper size whiting. It was strange to see my mate pulling out a whiting from a muddy water though. Slightly afterwards, also keeper size bream was boated, so things were getting a bit more active.

Then something started to nibble my bait. I thought it was a small pinky, but suddenly it swallowed the bait and started to pull the line. Quite heavy and peeling the line a bit. Not as powerful as Kingie, but more than Trevally. I was wondering what it was... and when the fish came up to the surface, it was shining bright orange in colour. I thought I caught a Japanese Nishikigoi (coloured carp) somehow, but it turned out to be a 50cm Jewie. Jewie's silver shiny skin was reflecting the orange muddy water in fact!!  From thereon, I caught 2 more similar sized Jewies. I have never caught Jewie in Pittwater, so it was a big surprise to catch 3 within perhaps 30 minutes. It was already late afternoon then and water was muddy, so Jewies probably thought it was already evening causing & looking for dinner 😆 After the Jewies, a rat Kingie and Striped Grunter were also landed.

We couldn't boat any legal size Jewie or Kingie, but after 5 hours of no activity in the morning, afternoon events were just enough to make our fishing trip fun one eventually.

Thanks for reading.


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On 3/28/2021 at 7:51 PM, Pickles said:

Good work ‘911, great to see so many soapie Jewies in the Hawkesbury system - looking good for the future.

Thanks Pickles. Yes, great to see sapie Jewies there. Hope we can catch one over a meter.

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