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External power plug - what's the best?


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Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a trolling motor! Only one issue though...

The motor is mounted on a fabricated platform on my 1550 Fisher - it sits outside of the hull and the cables run through-hull. We had a socket put in but it's not waterproof / sealed. 

Has anyone got an external plug and receptacle on the outside of their boat that they could recommend?




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Not sure if you are asking about a connection for the battery for the Electric OR if you are asking about a 240 volt connection so you can charge the battery ?.

With the cable running from battery to motor I use Anderson plugs . For extension for outside 240v power You can buy decent plugs from caravan parts  distributors, and best to have qualified electricians to install them.

Other than that a good heave duty extension lead does the job.


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3 hours ago, anthman said:

Oh sorry, I should've said: DC12V from the trolling motor to socket through-hull to battery.

It would have to support 40-50amps.

Is the connection inside the hull or outside??


Inside the hull Anderson could be the go but note they are not a 100% waterproof connection.


If I am fitting something that is going to be exposed its usually something like a Deutsch plug but I am not really sure how high there Amp rating goes?

I used a Deutsch plugs when fitting 450W light bar & HID spotlights to my 4x4 & they are outside the vehicle exposed to the elements. 

I know Andersons are used for external 12V connections to trailers etc but personally if using such a exposed connection I would be trying to make it a s waterproof as possible s well


I think being on the water I would apply the same kind of logic, anything that will inhibit moisture & salt ingress would be better in my eyes. 

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Thanks all, I think the easiest and least corrosive method is to just run a cable that fits through a gap on the side to a terminating Anderson plug that I plug to the electrical system when in use (which is inside the hull).

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was reading up about this and will probably go for the Marinco trolling motor plug when i install mine on my boat.... but googling the folks in the states say this one is the S@%t and supposedly they one they all agree on to get


however hard to get as only seen these for sale in the states.






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