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The Entrance, NSW, beginner spot to fish?


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I might be heading to The Entrance soon, i dont have a boat, so i guess i will be fishing from land, pier or beach?
Can someone please recommend a good and easy access spot to fish, i am a beginner btw.

Thank You


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47 minutes ago, Rebel said:

Welcome aboard.

Nth Entrance beach also the Pier in the park just over the bridge.



i would also recommend north entrance beach - fish near where the mouth of tuggerah lake spills into the ocean. You can fish the ocean and then move over the mouth of lake to fish there. 

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Any of the beaches or piers or river mouth or under that A49 bridge should be ok, I haven't fished there in many years, the mangroves are probably worth a try though i can't rember where they are. Use prawns and a small hook for piers or beach worms for beach with a bottom rig using small long shank hooks and a star sinker. Definitely have a look online for some quieter spots or go early morning or night as it gets very busy at times there  

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