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Would an electric motor even work on this thing? Boat advice


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Hey raiders,


Bit of a random question, if in the wrong section feel free to move!


I have a friend who is happy to let me use his boat pretty much whenever I like. Have a good time and manage to catch fish but the thing is it's one of those old flat barge boats they used to link up to make bridges for vehicles back in the war (or so I've been told), extremely roomy and comfortable to fish in (camping chairs fit perfectly in it!), but it's very noisy to move around. An electric motor would be ideal and I'd be happy to pay for it, but having never owned a boat unsure if you could even use one on a boat like this that isn't very manoeuvrable? Or would it just need a big one?


Just thought I should check if I should even bother before I start doing some looking around for one.

Thanks in advance :)


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That boat would suit an electric no problems, What you have to keep in mind is you need very heavy battery to operate the motor, would you have it fitted permanently ?, OR fit only when you use the boat. If all the time then no worries.

Nice heavy duty punt, would be tremendous fishing boat for still waters.

PS And I love the registration name.


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Hi @Berrero as Frank said nice rego, by the way those mud guards are about $45 each to keep you street legal & you might need a set of these to help guide you in to protect the guards 70DD965F-E0F8-4997-86DE-8FB524473A44.thumb.jpeg.138b9c6048eb7b9f73ecfa2277bd5787.jpeghope you don’t mind @Zoran to good an opportunity to take advantage of the photo

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Thanks for all your advice gang.

Fairly versed in land-based fishing but a noob when it comes to boats.

From memory the trailer wasn't the correct one for the boat and was just a place holder in the meantime.


And you are all very correct, best boat i have ever fished in by a long shot. Ridiculously stable and so much room - could comfortably fit 8 or so camping chairs which fit perfectly between the crossbeam seat things. Definitely my favourite for drifting.. plonked in a camp chair beer in holder rod in hand happy days


@frankS would be bringing it with me each time I used it I think. Unless very bulky and heavy he may let me keep it on the boat. 


@zmk1962 thanks mate, wasn't sure how the petrol to electric equivalencies were. Mainly see the elec motors on the small bass/ bream boats and wasn't sure if they could only really work on smaller vessels.

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