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Broken bay fathead


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Early start today on water 4.30 am heavy fog would have got lost without gps easy to get disoriented in that fog . Stopped near Juno and wet a line while waiting for better conditions to head outside not much there but only stayed about 30mins and vision ok .went to 150ft deep and a few blue spots up to about 60 cm nice drift but as water got deeper bite slowed down . Back to 150ft and bagged out on my own today so only enough to share with 1 older couple I usually give a feed too just have to be careful because the wife eats the flathead and makes poor hubby eat bloody mullet 

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Hey pickles yeah it’s near on impossible to see where you’re going in that kind of fog it was a slow careful trip and why I stopped at juno .I do know area well but still a bit dodgy.had a few years back travelling from apple tree bay trying to work out where the other boat was that was making wash realised it was me going in circles 

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