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Recommended snapper techniques?

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Up here off the Bundaberg coast, the weather's cooling off a bit, which means the snapper season is coming fast. I don't have a lot of experience targeting them specifically, but I sure love to eat them so I'm going to make a real effort to get a few this year. For other species, I mainly fish with lures (soft plastics, plus metal lures for mackerel trolling) but I understand half a pilchard on a 6/0 suicide hook is as good a method as any for catching snapper. I've never bothered much with burley, but have been told it helps a lot for snapper fishing results. Any tips, proven techniques or bait presentation suggestions (I've heard different views on the use of sinkers, for example) are very, very welcome to this snapper-fishing rookie - cheers! 

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Location Location Location 

Imo it's all about the above as to how you fish for them.

Water depth, current, bottom type/ habitat will all affect the rig you use.


Anything from a paternoster with a 4oz(or heavier) to small running sinker to a unweighted rig can do the job as well as SP's, micro jigs, said jigs, Octo jigs etc.

Absolutely as a general rule burley will bring the fish in.


There is no one better than @Scratchie to listen to about snapper but he also knows the area he fishes like the back of his hand & at that location solely uses soft plastic.


@GoingFishingalso does well offshore-

If you use the search you can find plenty of other reading material.


Plus there are also plenty of good articles available on the net-








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Quite a difference in techniques between here and Bundaberg, southern QLD tends to be big sinkers, heavy paternoster rigs or big sinkers right on the hook, and big chunks of Mullet, whereas down this way it's a lot more "sneaky" big heavy rugs will not get consistent results down here, so, probably best to look around for a SE QLD based forum for more specific info. I have fished a lot up that way and the difference is night and day.

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