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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning, up past Lilli Pilli. Bloody cold travelling against the wind, and to make things worse, my fishing thongs gave it up with the webbing falling apart.

pulled up the 2 reddies, and threw back many at many different sizes. No yakkas, however, my yakka line produced the trevs. I also released 3 more, some past the 40cm mark, so good sport on a handline and little hook, and one bust off from another.

After the trevs stopped biting, the chinamen jackets moved in, chewing off bait and hooks. I kept the biggest one, only just a keeper for mum, the others not worth the effort. No surface action to be seen.

Pumped a few nippers and headed to Lilli Pilli flats and surrounds. A good whiting on the first cast, then nothing for an hour or 2, so headed to Maianbar flats and pulled in the next 4 in a short time. Knee deep water. Had enough so headed home near midday.


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1 hour ago, jenno64 said:

A delightful bag Yowie! Well deserved in the cool of the morning:)

Certainly was a cool morning, especially when a bare foot hit the bottom of the boat. 🥶

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