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New Rod.


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Hi All,

I just bought a Daiwa Winn Salist 7ft one piece rod.

When these rods were released, they were over $200. I bought it for $89 on special.

I use Mono line. The rod says PE2. I asked the guy what was the LB conversion in Mono line. He didn't know.

I have looked at various charts,but they do not say exactly the conversion to Mono.

The rod is a very strong rod, so I reckon it would take 20LB Mono.

Can somebody confirm please.


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PE rating is for line diameter-PE 2 = 0.235mm

Many brands equate the breaking strain as 10x PE rating so in your case 20lb .

The braid would break at 20,40 or more as it depends on the quality’s ,and construction of the braid .

I never really look at line rating , more at lure weight .

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