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Finally let out of Campbelltown!!!


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FINALLY!!!!!! I was let out of Campbelltown due covid etc and with work i was out!


Left home 9pm Sunday night and decided to change things up and chase a Jew at the Hawkesbury Got on the water at 1030pm fresh squid, mullet, yakkas was my choice of paint to use. Headed straight to Juno Point only to find a nice swell running through, lasted an hour. Moved to Flint and Steel didn't bother was the best conditions, then decided to head to Danger island to check my traps, nothing yet. Flew past Danger island to try the rail bridge, Zilch. Moved onto the F3 bridges for 2hours Zilch.......Decided to pick up my traps and head home....


Got half way home and was est 4am then though bugger this, off to the Georges river... Put in at Tom Ugly and tried around the bridges for 2 hours before sunrise Zilch. Jetted off to Kurnell to try for squid, was much luck with a dirty run in tide, Zilch.


Decided to try plastics, off san souci, got 1 flathead 41cm on Gulp paddle tail orange.


Time was 12pm and decided to put my tail between my legs and go home.....






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That's an epic session to make up for all the missed lockdown fishing! Regardless of the result, I bet it felt good to be back on the water. At least you scored one keeper.

And hey, if we only wanted to eat fish, we'd just buy them from the shops. So it must be more than just the 'catching' bit that appeals to us :D 

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