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Quick Batter Recipe


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G’day raiders, 

There are many ways to cook fish as you know but I’m always searching for something quick and easy so I can go from catch to plate. Gets me out of cleaning the boat whilst I fillet and get lunch ready! 😂😂

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I messaged Cristy Worsteling (ifish) and asked what her go to batter was. To my surprise she messaged me back with this recipe. I tried it and it’s a family winner. 

1 cup self raising flour

1/2 cup soda water 

1/2 cup beer 

whisk thoroughly and place in fridge for 30-45mins.  
(cheat: place in freezer for 10 mins if you can’t wait) 

Try it and I’m sure you’ll love it. 

cheers scratchie!!! 

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Looks good.

Another dead simple option is crumbed. Dust in flour, dip in beaten eggwash, coat in panko breadcrumbs. I think i've converted from beer batter to panko crumbs, turns out crispier and not as greasy as batter can be sometimes. 

But either option is mouth watering for some fresh flatty fillets!

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Thanks for the recipe scratchie, simple & works........love it!

The only problem with beer batters is they usually give me a headache........................... because I have to buy a case of beer just to put 1/2 a cup in the batter:whistling: :beersmile: 😂


If I can add, there are so many people now that have diet specific needs, for example gluten free.

You can adapt recipes if you do have something like celiac disease by using a GF beer which are available now & a variety of GF flours like rice flour, tapioca flour & besan flour & there are plenty more.

You just have to play around with the ratio's

Another great batter is Tempura, a well known Japanese batter.


For me fried fish is a sometimes food as I have high cholesterol these days which is why I try to promote other forms of fish cooking.


But hey you still have to enjoy the simple things in life sometime right & after the drinking the rest of the case of beer I usually crave a burger & fries :wacko: 


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