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Very hard to understand.

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Beach hauling Jewfish is not an everyday thing, it happens for sure, but, just look for another story outlining this! Magazines tend to run with anything that suits their agenda, and keep at it, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying it's right or wrong.

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16 minutes ago, bluefin said:

Jon, We hunt them in the rivers with the latest side and live scan.   Works well !

Im happy to have strict rules !  As long as I can get a feed !


What sidescan frequency are you finding the jews on ? Im finding the 1200khz doesn't have enough punch unless fish are close and 455 lacking in res. Must admit I do very little estuary fishing though and mostly work on the 260khz sidescan offshore. Panoptics is only good in shallow water that I hardly every fish.

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