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Trailer roller set up


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What do you want to know? do you have a picture of the trailer? As a general guide, the weight of the boat is supported by the centre keel rollers, the side rollers/skids only serve to keep the boat level, not a lot of contact pressure on them.

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Thanks for your reply noelm. I believe I have the weight sitting on the centre keel roller with the side skids just touching the hull. I would really like to know how much weight should be on the transverse skids at the rear.

This has never been a very easy boat to launch. I hope the photos help.





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Hi Bob

mine is a bigger trailer and slightly different at the rear as I have drive on skids, but mine sits on the centre and front rollers (not the rear roller) and sits on the two outside skids.

the two skids next to my centre roller are slightly lower than the outside skids and don’t support the weight at all once boat is fully loaded onto trailer.

mine is very easy to launch and retrieve 

You rear roller looks correct as it’s job is to lift the front up when retrieving. Maybe just drop those rear sideways skids just a cm or so so they only come into play when starting the retrieval or the last part of launching.




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Hard to tell from photo but it looks to me that the rear blue v guides would cause a lot of friction. They look to me to be mounted back to front.  I didn't like that type and removed them from my trailer and replaced them with fixed ones the same as jeffb5.8 has.  A boat that size should be easy.  My 5.6 quinnie will launch itself when released and I drive on or winch out easily.  Make sure your rollers are free and well oiled.  I have replaced my roller axles with homemade stainless ones, best thing ever.   Last but not least, have a look through the ramps parking area to look at how others have theirs are set up for any ideas.  Good luck.  Ron 

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Personally I prefer to have weight on the rear roller as this is where 90 percent of the boats weight is located, engine, usually batteries, and perhaps fuel. To have this area with no support under it in my opinion is not good.

I have the rear keel roller positioned as close as I can get it to the very last inch of the keel for it bears weight. Ideally it would be best to have weight evenly spaced between all the keel rollers .

Stainless steel axles in the rollers work well, and they don't need grease as salt sticks to grease and congeals.

Just the way I have done things for 60 odd years, and haven't had many trailer problems , although I do have a few stories.


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No expert here, but along with the above. 

I would drop the boat to sit on the three keel rollers equally, adjust the two longer guides to meet the hull and balance the boat with a small amount of equal support given by them, and then rotate the two shorter inner rear guides 90’ with the curved end facing rear wards. 🤔

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