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looking for a complete guide to Sydney harbour fishing maps/ rules/ restrictions etc.


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Hello raiders ,   someone else asked the  question where can someone use crab traps  in the harbour? , there's so many different rules and regulations  ,   and   a lot of us do not know what  rules apply  to different locations   ,  is there a map ? site  where  everything is laid out instead of looking up  every section individually  ? thank you for your reply .

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1 hour ago, cfish said:

It's a bit hard to find but there are maps for most of the state on the dpi site if you search for "fishing guide"

Fishing guides are one thing, they are local area guides & tips on fishing, the DPI have them available through their website 

Maps, rules, restrictions etc can mean many things & it's all about location.

There is not one guide but the information being asked is still under the DPI banner.

Search & ye shall find

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