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electric scooter


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Hi all It may sound like a stupid subject on a fishing site but it is fishing related.

I am getting old and I am not in the best of health, so virtually I simply can't go fishing in the boat these days unless someone else comes with me to get the car as I just can't walk from the boat to the carpark as I would be breathless before I got to the top of the ramp.

So lately I have been thinking of buying an electric scooter just to get from the boat to the car. I could back down the ramp launch the boat drive car back to carpark then ride scooter back down to boat throw scooter in boat and go fishing , reverse procedure on my return to the ramp. this way I wouldn't be dependent on anyone else.

Just curious if anyone has such a gadget ( or their kids ) OR knows a bit about them as they are not cheap to buy and I would only want to buy it once.

Don't need one that will do 100 k's but do need one that could hold my weight 90kg abouts, and be able to climb up the sloping ramp with my weight on it, OR do you have to use it like a normal scooter to get it going, like one leg on and one leg pushing the thing along, which would be no good for me.

Any input appreciated


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Hi Frank,

I asked a mate who knows about these things.

There are two types: one that is a push start and another that doesn’t require it. Generally the push start scooters are the cheaper models as the ones that start from the on switch apparently require much higher torque to get you moving from a standstill.

I’m not sure about the weight requirement, my mate did say that he got rid of his because it wouldn’t carry his weight (he’d be > 90K).

So there’s a couple of things to check.

Apparently they aren’t officially legal in NSW so suspect that bricks and mortar stores might not exist. I’m not sure of this though, so you’ll need to do your research. Regardless, I suspect for your use case, no one would give you a hard time.

Hope this helps.



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@frankS funny I am at Tuross now and just signed a new raider up who has similar problems.

He showed me a pic of how he uses his electric wheelchair to tow his tinny to the ramp! 

I am sure he would be a good person to talk to as he made it himself as well as some other bits and pieces. 

I will message you his name. 

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To start the motors you just need to get it 5km/h, which is basically a simple light kick off. The issue is the angle of the ramp/hill. The more steep the more struggle you're going to get with one.

And as mentioned above, arent legal yet. You can use them freely on your own private property, but not on public grounds. In saying that, police officers dont go chasing you unless you give them a reason to do so. Eg. riding like an idiot around people. 

Some scooters handle more angles better than others, and it is actually written into the specs for most. So that would be something to consider when looking. Also, another factor I consider is weight of device, cause youre going to want to lug this in and out of the car/boat. Decent ones are roughly 12kgs, but usually more power/capacity, they would be heavier.

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Thanks guys for all the input, when it's all set and done I really don't see it happening, 1 I can't really afford to outlay that much money for something that would only be used probably 3-4 times.

Think I will stick to having a mate drive the car to and from the actual ramp , after all I doubt if I will ever go fishing solo in the future.

It was just a thought that ran through my mind, one of those things you think about as you are getting older.


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On 11/12/2021 at 7:24 PM, motiondave said:

If a copper really wants to question an old bloke getting to and from his car, that copper should be put on notice or maybe go look for something more serious 

Law is law at the end of the day. The officers job is to enforce that, irrelevant of what we think.

Pretty sure I hear fines of $2k plus as it breaches roughly 4 laws.

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I personally don't think its going to be all that great. The idea is good, but in practice I am not soo sure.

To take off, you need one good kick, but that is on flat land, and ramps are not flat, they're on an angle, so going up may take a few kicks.

Also coming downhill can be dangerous, cause there is an opportunity the ground is wet and you'll be on a downhill angle, combined with your own weight, if you brake too hard you can flip it or fall side ways. Possibility of a bit of gravel rash. If you stop slowly this could work, but all depends how slippery that ramp would be.

The effort it takes to remove the scooter from car/boat, assemble it (just flipping the handles up and then locking it in), and then doing this in reverse every single time outweights the effort it takes to walk to and from the car (obviously depending how far you've parked)

There are children versions, but they're not designed for the avg weight of an adult. So you may come down the ramp, but not make it up the ramp.

For some it may seem with all worth it, but personally its not for me to use it in that manner for these reasons mentioned.

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