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Sportscraft 185 Walk Thru


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I have a 1998 Sportscraft 185 Walk Thru, it is a great boat for what we use it for.

Does anyone know the weight of them as I am arranging a new trailer ?

Also by chance I will like opinions .... will a new Mazda CX 5 2.5L Turbo pull this up

a ramp - concrete one pretty good in Stansbury South Australia. Thanks.

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I think she is SA built boat, weight will depend on motor, batteries , gear, fuel and trailer. Best thing to do is put her on a weighbridge .

If she is on a single axle trailer she will be well under 2000 kg ( probably around 1500-1600 kg)

CX5 not my choice for towing but she is legal to tow that boat and if she is AWD you wont have any problems pulling her out and towing short distances.

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6 hours ago, Rebel said:

Welcome aboard.

Isn't the weight on your rego papers ?


Weight of the boat won't be on rego papers on any state . Trailer tare and GVM will be but that will not help.

A lot of boat/trailer combos are over the trailers GVM and of course ilegal.

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