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Generally speaking braided line is more sensitive than monofilament line but there are scenario's that its better to use monofilament over braid which for me is beach fishing, rock fishing & trolling where you want that bit of stretch that mono will give.

On nearly every other fishing scenario I use braid with fluorocarbon leader.

But you want to use the braid in the line class for what your intending on catching & the size of fish you hope to catch, along with a similar rated rod & reel.

For estuary fishing most of my reels have 8 to 10lb braid & I either keep to a similar rated leader or increase or decrease depending on what I am targeting.

In saying that I will also have another couple of heavier rods in the tinny just in case there is something bigger that presents itself.



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For feeling bites you can’t go past braid , I usually fish fluorocarbon trace and braid main line . Can you take a photo of your rig and let us know what fish you are targeting and where ( beach , rock , estuary , boat or riverbank etc  ) , you might have a bow in your line ( loose line between the rod and sinker ) and you won’t feel anything if you do and there are some fish species that are masters of removing your bait without you feeling a thing - leather jackets are one that comes to mind so special rigs are needed to catch them .

Once we get a baseline of what you are using and the location you are fishing we can try to help you to fine tune things to improve your catch , the answer isn’t always to buy more gear but rather to learn to use the gear you have and fine tune it to do what you want - and it will save you a pile of money at the same time . It could also be the location you are fishing - not all places hold fish and some are a real desert for fishing - fish are in a place for a couple of reasons - food , shelter and breeding , find a place that ticks all 3 of these and you have found fishing nirvana ! we may be able to recommend a few places to try . I have seen people cast out onto a sandbank that had about  50mm of water on it and wonder why they catch nothing and I have also seen people cast out off a beach nearly to New Zealand  but didn’t know the fish were right at their feet ! 

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