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The Harbour Fish Activity has been low?


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Hi Radiers,

First time posting here.

Just want to see how everyone's fishing been lately on the harbour? I have gone fishing early morning session for about 5 times in the past one and a half weeks in various rock ledges of the harbour. E.g. Middle head, old man hat, near clifton garden and even around the bridge or blue point. Forecast was looking pretty good on fish activity and was hoping to bag my first summer kingie. However, i found that the harbour was more liftless than expected where usually the harbour should be pretty fired up by now.

I'm mainly lure fishing with popper, stick baits, as well as spoons and shore jigging metals chasing all kind of Pelagics.

How's everyone's experience so far land base in the harbour?

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Sabiki, the harbour has been very “off and on” lately. On Thursday it was tough, even Yakkas hard to locate,but eventually got a livebaitnk full, but only converted to 2 legal Kingies - but better than a donut.

I’d be peppering Bottle and Glass rocks for squid, then Kingies, but rocks out the front of Clifton should be worth a try also (give the wharf a miss- too many people)

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