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Ramp Access For Botany Bay


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There are two in Dover Pk (fronts onto Kogarah Bay) at Blakehurst but generally only suitable for smaller boats.

Also , access to & from the highway can be a challenge :1yikes::1yikes:


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Hi Inked,

As my mate Geoff says, the ramps in Kogarah Bay are only suitable for smaller boats but they are very close to the bay.

Some extra info on these ramps:

They are concrete but they drop off to sand at the end. If you get your trailer wheels on the sand off the end of the ramp it's about a 4 to 6 inch drop from the concrete to the sand which makes retrieving a problem and you can get stuck with larger boats.

I launch my 13 foot tinnie from there without any problems but try to time the retreive for a mid to high tide so I don't have to go all the way down the ramp.

I've only launched there mid week, so no idea how busy it would be on a weekend.

Also, turning off the highway into the reserve is a reciepe for disaster. They fly along there and you need to slow right down long before the drive way with your indicator on to give the speedsters time to miss you. You can't turn in quick as it's a proper driveway which then goes down a very steep hill to the water.

Hope that helps.



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