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Lake Wanaka


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Hey guys,

i'm heading to Lake Wanaka next month. Got a few questions.

I'm pretty new to soft plastics.

1) can i use soft plastics for trout? or is a tass devil lure better.

2) how can i take my 2 piece 7 ft rod to NZ? what's the cheapest way for a case below $30.

3) does anyone know if there are lots of fish in Lake Wanaka or any good spots arond there?

thanks raiders

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Tassies are better for trout especially trolling, a lot of people use lead core lines over there when I trolled the lakes (Taupo, Wanaka, Rotorua) I trolled flat lines and scored just as many fish as the rest. Another technique is fishing with a smelt rig, sort of like a large bait catching rig jigged (no more than two hooks per rod) through schools on the sounder.

I took a 7 foot 5 inch PVC tube with LBG and trout/fly gear over. The tube cost about $25 from a plumbers supplier (off cut) and did not get charged excess baggage on Qantas there or back.

And finally Taupo is the best lake out of the lot on the North Island, average 4lb Rainbows, and you see alot bigger fish as well (double figures).

Another tip if spinning or trolling dont use line under 4 - 5kg. I thought I would show off with the 2kg first trip....bad mistake lost a few fish :thumbdown: .

Im going back in April again....good luck.

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