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Missing back to "Flattie land"


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Hi. I only came to say, that i havent forget Fishraider family.

Planning new trip with all family, Saija and the boys. Plan live all time: when come, how to travel in destination, where visit, how to accommodation ext ext. Want stay least 3 weeks, 4 weeks better.

My hart crying blood when i remember my last trip 2015.  Lake Illawara crapping and flattie fishing was one of my best fishing memories. Not anything huge catches, but unforgeetable atmosphere, almost calm lake, sunshine, good company, great scenery and an incredibly unique relaxin whole.


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Ok. I counting budget and most realistic looks like rent motel room, or airbnb. 

Couple of choice. Rent room for one month near Sydney for "Base camp", and traveling short trip from there.

Or coise maximum 3 destination and rent room least for one week that places.

Anyway, think that want spend least 2 weeks same place near Sydney.


Main plan was rent motorhome for 4 weeks, but looks like it is too expensive for us. Most important have seen some friends and that boys can use and learn english.

And ofcourse big thing and reason come to there, is fishing, i m still chasing that 1m long flattie 🤣

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