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Mounting transducer to boat


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Hey legends 

first time boat owner here. For a boost I’ve recently purchased, I’m looking to buy and fit a fish finder and transducer onto the transom. Here is a photo of the back of my boat currently

I’m not too sure how to mount it exactly? Is it safe to drill into the back of the boat? Where should it be mounted? I’m assuming I should only drill a certain depth so I don’t go the entire way through?

I’m planning on starting cheap and getting the Garmin Striker Plus 4. 

any help is appreciated😌



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Try not to skimp on your sounder choice as once you have fitted it it's there to stay. Save a little more and purchase a larger unit,you won't be disappointed. Try for a Garmin unit with side vu down vu with a decent transducer that way you will save on upgrading and only do it once. There are purpose built transducer pads available that you glue onto the transom to accommodate the transducer therefore no holes to drill into the hull. If your capable instillation is pretty straightforward.

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Get a mounting plate made up and weld it on.You could easily make one up yourself if your handy and pop rivet it on sealing it with sikafkex.

Weld option will require paint touch up.

Piece of polyethylene chopping board material glued on or even sealed marine ply will work at a pinch too.

Here's mine and you could do the same in the weld version described above or the bent edge option and riveted for diy version.

  Sounders are easily changed from one to the next mate.

  Some people make it sound like your building a rocket to change from one sounder to another.

  Get the best sounder you can afford.Even a basic sounder has more features than you will probably ever use.

  Lots of info out there if you search. 

All the best and most of all have fun with your boat.



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The better Garmin sounders are typically above $1000 mark including transducer obviously the more you pay the better the combo will be. Personally a GPSMAP unit would be the better option but there are many others. Remember the transducer gives the results. The bigger the screen the better your experience will be,nothing worse than looking at a 4" screen while bouncing about. Once fitted correctly changing to a new setup will be very time consuming. Usually when you upgrade it will be to a larger more powerful unit and larger transducer therefore  more holes due to larger brackets etc new wiring, so it's basically a full refit as well to get the transducer to read correctly again. Research is the key !

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