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Looking For A Good Fishing/camping Spot 3-4 Hours From Sydney


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Yep, Glenbawn Dam for Camping or Cabins..................or Lake St.Clair for camping.........both dams have excellent freshwater fishing for Bass, Yellowbelly and other assorted dam dwellers.

Head north up the F3 Freeway, turn left and your basically on your way to both dams. Lake St Clair would be around 3 hours from Sydney and Glenbawn around 4 hours.


That sounds like what i'm looking for although i haven't fished in freshwater before could you offer any advice?

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Guest madsmc

Mick, if saltwater is more your thing, especially beach fishing, I highly recommend Treachery Camp near Seals Rocks on the north coast, here's the link.

That's within your time range of 3-4 hours from Sydney, and has good beach and rock fishing. The camping grounds are nice and flat, and Forster isn't far away for getting supplies or for a spot of estuary fishing in the Wallis Lakes.

Can't wait to get back up there myself. :biggrin2:



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Ahhh, Tony's point island - a lovely spot. Howard, you should definately get up there if you have a chance.

I have been up there every year for the past 10 - just make sure you bring insect repellant.

The mozzies and ants will carry you away otherwise.

My avtar is a pic of my boat on the end of the island - just next the ramp. The sun was going down on another perfect great lakes day and I was preparing to nail some flatties on live mullet before catching a bucket of prawns (plus squid and crabs) dip netting the night run, then using live prawns in the morning run in for horse bream ... I could go on ...

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The :wife: wants to go camping and i want to go fishing so i am looking for a nice quiet spot that we can do both. Do any of you know any good places we should head to?

Preferably North

You could try a campsite called Sandbar, it's at Pacific Palms (just south of Seal Rocks and Forster). Haven't been there for a few years but had a great time as a kid. On one side of the campsite you've got Smiths Lake, on the other side is Cellito Beach (I think that's the name). Flatties and bream in the lake and your usual prospects off the beach. They have both cabins and tent sites up there.

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G`day Fellas ,

Old Bar Beach caravan Park has excellent camping facilities .

It is 50 metres from a beach known for its large Jewfish captures , and Tailor are always available .

You can now drive to manning Point along the beach ( 4X4 of Course ) .

A five minute stroll from the Park takes you into the lagoon where Whiting , Flathead bream and flounder can be taken.

A 5 minute drive takes you to Saltwater Lagoon , which has all of the above as well as a good beach to fish from, and where you can catch worms .

The local Club serves up a $5.00 roast dinner which is not all that bad.


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