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Water Spouts


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Yeah, very close in, the biggest one went almost right over the outer Port Kembla Island, there is a couple of ships anchored right there too, that storm headed towards us, then turned and went out to sea.

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The spouts pop up most years, and are bigger than they look.

There were a few off Maroubra quite a few years back. A trawler boat ventured near one, I'm only guessing that the boat was about 40 foot long, so the spout was about 150 foot across, plus the spray it was generating.

Many years ago in Port Hacking, I headed out on a windy arvo to a sheltered spot. What looked more like a willy willy than a water spout drifted along for some distance, around 10 to 12 foot across and twice as high. It was whipping up a little bit of water and spray, and cut across the front of my boat, so I stopped rather than motor through it.

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