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Fish for Good Friday


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I haven't been fishing for about 8 months due to health issues with my heart,  Covid and lately, the lousy weather.   Have been regularly starting my motor for the last 2 months in anticipation of getting out and as Easter loomed closer I was dreading the thought of not providing the family with fresh fish.  Monday was looking good weather wise and I  got myself prepared to go when a minor family issue stopped me once again from going as planned.  All sorted by 9.30am when I  thought bugger it, I'll go anyway and at least give the boat a run.

Had the boat launched and car parked by 10am and was surprised to find plenty of parking fairly close to ramp.  Headed out to Bate Bay and tried at 30 metres only to catch heaps of tiny bluespots.  Out to 40 metres for same result so out again to 50 metres where I at last managed a few legals.  Only managed 4 with 2 at 37cm a 40 and a 43 when I started to feel a bit crook.  Very strange for me especially considering the lovely conditions.  Decided to pull the plug and just be happy that I gave the boat a swim and caught enough for a feed but a bit disappointed as I usually bag out.  Confident now all is well with the boat and keen to get out again and get a few fish. 

I was left contemplating how surprised I was about how tired I was after just 4 hours on the water.   I  know I'm out of condition after health issues and lack of exercise lately but surely I'm not getting old, I only hit 76 last week?  Have to get fit so I can fish more often and enter a few comps.  Sorry no pics.  Ron 

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